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Giving in Memory

Giving in memory


Flowers and floral tributes are a very personal way of remembering someone who has died, perhaps using their favourite flowers or colours. 

Funeral flowers can also be used to send condolences to the family.

After the funeral we can arrange to take the flowers wherever you would like.  We can place the flowers on a family grave, or bring to your home, or take them elsewhere such as a nursing home.


You may decide that in lieu of flowers, that donations to a particular charity may be a more fitting tribute.

Instead of flowers you can ask mourners to make donations to a charity of your choice or of their choice.  We are willing to receive donations to your chosen charity and we will provide you with a list of donors and the total amount given.  We then ask the charity to acknowledge receipt directly to the family or executor. 


You can thank the people who have supported you with an approriate acknowledgement in a local or national newspaper, and we can assist you with this.